Thursday, January 15, 2009

Satyameva Jayathe (May Truth Prevail and Win): Of course, But Are You with the Victor?

Prominently written on the National Emblem of India are the words, “Satyameva Jayathe”. Can’t agree with this more but where do men and women stand with it? What is the Truth that will win and is supposed to set one free!

From the beginning of time, as we know it, there are people who are “Truth Seekers” (sathyanweshis). As I write this, the CEO of an Indian company, ironically named after the Sanskrit word for Truth has admitted to accounting fraud. I read in one of the news portals that he is reading on Budha in jail. Not sure how credible this story is, but if it is true, then it would be a case of someone seeking truth from the life and teachings of a ‘Truth Seeker’ or someone who apparently encountered ‘The Truth’ or some portion of it. ‘Enlightened’, ‘Awakened’, ‘Self-Realization’…call it anything, it is this momentary realization of the Truth. The best chance of someone realizing Truth is when the familiar lies that surround one crumble. Oddly enough, it is Truth that makes it crumble and invites you to mystically accept it and surrender to it. Truth is a constant and has neither beginning nor end. It’s always been there!

I would not be biased in saying that in eastern mysticism, there have been more ‘Truth Seekers’. The famous ‘Truth Seekers’ in the West would be Socrates and descendants to him in ancient Greece. The most famous one’s being Plato and Aristotle. These philosophers were trying to realize Truth. Did they accept and surrender to it…I don’t know! Eastern mystics are masters of controlling the variables on reacting to falsehood, which we lack in the West. We're just now coming to grips with post-modern values. Socrates does talk about some of these qualities. This mastery gives them a jump on shutting the world and knowing The Truth but do they accept and surrender to it…I don’t know! Do they lack the humility to surrender to The Truth...maybe! If for you and me, it’s material wealth that we take pride in, for the mystic sadhu, it’s perhaps his spiritual wealth. It is as much difficult for the mystic to give up his spiritual world as it is for the rich CEO to give up on his material wealth.

Why would one even search for the Truth, if the lies we build on make us happy? How long does happiness last? Do sad and depressed people know the Truth? Not really! They are deceived too! We become travelers tossed and turned by the rough seas and then are happy about the momentary calmness of the waters. What about the mountains and valleys once we are on land? The question one needs to ask oneself is whether you are in the presence of Truth that can overcome your weaknesses and vulnerabilities?

Truth challenges our perspective, questions accepted value systems and reveals and revels in it. It opens blinded eyes to the Way, makes one hear a call to Eternity, makes the lame rise up and walk on the Way and gives new Life to the dead. Truth reaches out from another dimension and breaks one’s very being. After all, it’s the lies that made us comfortable. In that brokenness, accept it with all your heart. Then, only then, will you see the Glory on the mountaintop. Then and only then, you will boldly step on water and start to walk.

Amidst all these philosophers, truth seekers and so-called Awakened and Enlightened beings only once in the history of mankind has Truth manifested in a person. Only one person claimed to be ‘The Truth’. It is for you to know this person in your brokenness for He knows you more that you yourself might and has been searching for you. Once you encounter Him, surrender to Him. Humble yourself in His presence for He is ‘The Truth’. The promise is The Way to The Life that is abundant! “Satyameva Jayathe”…be on the side of Truth and may it set you free. I hope Truth penetrates the heart of the CEO of the company and it starts to rule and reign over your life and mine. May we die to more familiar lies and surrender to Him.


  1. The problem is that we don't have good the saying goes..Matha, Pitha, Guru,'s the teacher that is supposed to lead us to God. A mother can only tell you who the father is..the father can only take you to a teacher..but where does the teacher go if he cannot tell you the way to God..Unless you want to stop and think about the only person in the History of Mankind whose life divided what is commonly known today as "time" into two eras..B.C (Before Christ) and A.D. (After Christ)..His birth, His life, His death, and His Resurrection is all proof of this old saying..He told his mother that he knew who his dad was..He was asked where he learned things from..and He said, I was with my Father and I do everything because I saw my father do it..And people around him called Great Teacher, Great Master..and what did he say...I am The Way, The Truth and The Life.. No man goes to the Father but through me..One man, One simple hard must that be to comprehend..well, he did things that were foretold in we still is more easier for us to believe in a ten headed Ravana or a elephant headed Ganesha..than in a God who walked, talked and behaved like one of us..even the scriptures say that we are made in His image..No wonder the most beautiful creature has had his way with Adam and his generations..planted a seed of doubt and look where it has gotten us thus far..Hope we become still again and understand the presence of the Master in our lives...Hope we tune our heart and mind and soul to his voice..Let us quiet ourselves even for a few moments in our busy lives and commune with the Holy Spirit to refresh our daily lives..Peace!!!

  2. This leads to the basic questions what is 'Truth', where is 'Truth', is truth an entity that is manifested into us by someone or something. Where does this something fit in this everything (Bhraman) or in this nothing? (Shoonya)
    Lets go back to my origin, where did I start? Am I the form of energy which had nothing in it or everything in it, is that the 'Absolute'?
    Yes it was the 'Absolute' that knows nothing; light/dark, small/tall, near/far, I/you, love/hate and I want to know what is that 'Everything' and is that the 'Truth'?
    So I started trying to know everything from nothing, And this is my journay to be 'aware' of that everything. I am the journay that started from nothing trying to find everything and when I found everything I realised it is nothing. Is'nt this a full cycle or a chakra. So I, you, father, Mother, God are my own manifestations. I am God, I am Devil and I exist as 'you, me' 'here, there' 'up, down'. The moment I am seeking God,I am seeking myself. So am I seeking 'Truth' or 'myself' or 'Nothing'
    The truth is 'Nothing' by becoming aware of 'Everything'.
    The good, bad/ joy, sorrow/birth, death/disease, cure are all my own manifestations to experience myself and become aware of me.
    The journey continues.......till we reach a state of 'Nothing' and that is the 'TRUTH'

  3. Praveen,

    Thanks for your comments. I've been waiting for the Tat-Vam-Asi. Now, if your essence is nothing and if this is all an illusion. who should I say is posting this comment? :-)

    I've gone "Naval Gazing" into that nothingness into those journeys of "All is ONe" and "All is Divine" but these pantheistic or Advaita principles of Non-duality fell short when I hit rock bottom in life. Reality...Absolute pain ( Hope you understand what I am talking about) came crouching at my door without an invitation. I realized that I was standing on shifting sand.

    When I was back to my senses, I asked 4 questions and I would love to, for you to start your search there. It saves a lot of trouble. Your new blog is sorta in the right direction :-)
    where do i come from?
    why am i the way i am?
    how do i change myself?
    where do i go?
    In other words these questions lead to:
    Salvation and
    Take the world views East to West and see if the Truth you seek can correspond to reality for each of these questions. The reality if you think Praveen Nukala exists and then when these parameters are put together they should sound coherent.

    I guess that it's a good starting point for the seeker. If you are a genuine seeker of the Truth, Truth knows you even before you start and you know since you are a monotheist and a pantheist, I don't think there is any point in praying..right? Leave that to me and let's see where this takes you and me.

    Thanks buddy! I really do appreciate your comments. Hope I made some sense here. Too sleepy now. Ready to hit the sack!

    God Bless us All!


  4. Rajeev Thanks...There are so much going on in my mind..need to streamline these to communicate in a structured way. I have gone through some different experiences past few years including my dad's death that I am going through some transformation within myself. I shall share sometime later what has changed in my outlook and how I am handling these changes as a change agent. The root for all these changes is the thought (rather call it as meta-thought or a sponsor thought) later...

  5. Praveen,

    Will wait on you to get your thoughts together in your blog. Death, sickness, sufferings are the only ways that God can get our attention. He got mine, for sure!

    Remember that "You are" before "You think" as opposed to, what some would say, "I think therefore I am". Will leave you with that thought :-)

    You are in my prayers! May the Good God Bless us All!