Friday, January 30, 2009

Sexual Sin: Casting Stones from Glass Houses!

I am watching the show on TV here in the US, reality TV at best, real life drama of a pastor and his family. We absolutely love others on trial. Surf those channels and see how many such stories grab our attention.

The pastor, who was the leader of a church in Colorado is struggling, lost his job at the church after allegations of a sexual relationship with a man became public about 4 yrs back. He, who judged the homosexual community, rather harshly, has fallen by the same sin. Now, on mass media, it’s a “free for all”, with the pastor and family on parade. I have mixed emotions of anger, sadness, all of that! My eyes and ears are continually deceiving me.

So, I am going to put a pair of goggles called, ‘God’s Eyes’, and if there is any such thing. Wish we had some of it on SALE somewhere, especially during these difficult times. The moment I wear it, I have tears in my eyes. Tears for the people involved in this saga of sin, the people affected by this tragedy, all of them (accuser, accused, everyone), children of God. There is a unique story for each individual involved in this drama. How incidents in their lives have shaped them and brought them in time, to such fate. My goggles, looks through their eyes into the conscience of these individuals and tells them all “You are forgiven, Sin no more”. After which, there is weeping, tears of Joy and a Peace of freedom from sin. The pastor, his family, the church and the accuser, victims, walking hand-in-hand, praises God.

The moment I take my ‘God’s Eye’s’ awesome goggle’s off, I start to see a different story, A shameless pastor, pathetic family! The pastor and his wife look so bad. They are not being honest. Look at them; they don’t even touch each other. Why didn’t she divorce him? That church is so hypocritical. Look at them, they didn’t just chuck them out of the church, they asked then to leave the state. As for the guy that accused and made this public, he deserves to burn in hell. I am seeing with my eyes without a God-given conscience. Taking sides in this conflict and starting to think like ‘the world’.

In reality what I need to go with those awesome God’s Eye goggles would be some headphones with a direct line to Jesus Christ. I tune into it and I hear these words very clearly, “DO NOT JUDGE”.

I fall forward in the darkest of nights, pray and I weep how damned I would’ve been if not for a gadget more powerful than these goggles, headphones and all this gear that helps me be a Christian. It’s THE CROSS. Sin is crouching at my door, ready to devour me and I remember how my God was tempted, walking in human flesh, in the wilderness after 40 days of no water or food. He overcame these temptations not with supernatural powers, but with scripture. Then on a dark day, He was put to shame, scorned at, beaten and bruised and hung on a Cross for the temptations that I couldn’t resist and overcome.

I am forgiven because he was forsaken for my sins. His Mercy from a bruised and broken body and His blood poured out in Grace is the reason I live today. I need to be like Him. Overcome the temptations in my life and carry the burden of the sins of the world. I will never learn that lesson from this world with these eyes and ears. Open these blind eyes and touch my deaf ears one more time, Lord. Raise me up from the tomb and help me walk to Calvary, to that CROSS!


  1. Don't know if you caught the latest news on this.

  2. Fellow Traveller,

    I did enjoy reading some of the posts on the website.

    Someone really needs to have Infinite knowledge to deny an Infinite God. I am hoping that my friends in aethism have such knowledge.

    If the size of the Milky Way Galaxy is of the size of North America, the size of earth is that of a Quarter (25 cent coin) and that's just our galaxy.

    Good luck to all who wants to question the Creator of the Universe and the intelligence in creation! :-)

    Take care buddy!

  3. While I know that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination, I would not be of the mind to shine the spotlight on them as individuals and ridicule them. With sins such as these, there comes shame and sometimes it's a public shame if they are a public figure. That's just the natural consequence of that sin when exposed.

    But we stand just as guilty! People don't seem to realize that. There is not one who has not sinned! We are ALL guilty before our Holy God!

    Good post :)

  4. Beautiful lesson - I'd prefer to use God's Eyes goggles and headphones more often and avoid judging. A perspective change is required in all our lives.